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mepd's Journal

Middle-Earth Police Department
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Domestic disturbance? Stalkers? Cannibals in your backyard? Assaulted by italics? Neighbor setting his kid on fire? Again? Just post a 911 call to this community and we'll get an officer out there ASAP! (Or whenever. We've got a lot of ground to cover, and the pay is crap.) Restrictions apply.*

Officers On Call (Apply Today!):
  • Beorn Bearman (Rhovannion Forestry Division)
  • Eradan (Gondor Division)
  • Esmerelda Took (Eriador Division)
  • Galdor (Gondor Division)
  • Glorfindel of Gondolin (Eriador Division)
  • Haldir (Gondor Division)
  • Lily Cotton (Eriador Division)
  • Máme Menelril (Rhovannion Forestry Division)
  • Merry Gamgee (Hobbit Territories Division)
  • One, aka the Witch King (Taskforce Mordor)
  • Samwise Gamgee (Head Shirriff, Eriador Division)
  • Turgon the Wise (Elven Territories Division)

    * Gods, balrogs, and dragons are exempt from MEPD authority. Officers will not respond to domestic disturbance calls from Bag End. Child Welfare is handled by Services. Offer not good in Mother Rohan -- they're all fucking nuts there.