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Public Announcement to all current residents / visitors in Gondor

Um. Everyone? Listen up.

Well, see, it's like this... Hanild and I were making this snowmonster out of the purple snow that's covered Gondor and... um... it sort of ran away.

So... er... everyone watch out for a nine-foot tall potentially evil thing which may or may not try to eat you if it gets near enough. It shouldn't be too hard to miss. It's got one eye and a horn atop its head and really strange-looking wings made out of pine branches and it's wearing a pair of Halbarad's underpants.

Gentlemen currently residing in the Minas Tirith are being asked to carry a weapon around at all times and not to use it to kill me for this. Ladies and children, please hide.

That is all.

*resumes lurking about the kitchen area, sword-brandished, somehow managing to look simultaneously fierce and extremely sheepish*
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If I was aware of anything outside my own traumatized little soul, I would be mortally embarrassed.
If I was aware that your traumatized little soul was being traumatized by that dead guy, I would be pissed off at you for letting him out of that jar enough to have given the snowbeast those frilly things Arwen gave you instead of the polka-dot ones I have him wearing now. I also would be doing something constructive about it.
Well, Haldir's going to tell you when he gets a chance, so there.
We sort of screwed up, didn't we?
Just a bit, it would seem...
No problem. Which way was it headed?
I have no idea.
Aw...but I want a Purple Snow Cone to Munch On!

(ooc: Can ANky eat it, or is it for a story?)
Well, good luck to you, then. It's better than a lot of other things I'm sure you have on your menu...

((if he can FIND it, he can eat it. I had no plans for the thing whatsoever. It is the product of an extremely bored mun.))
Possibly in the woods....but I really don't think they'd like them burnt down as well. Can you control the fire that much?
Certainly. I can burn a gnat off of an Oliphant's tusk at 300 yards.
Yes. I can burn a gnat off of an Oliphants tusk at 300 yards!